About Ashlyn'd

With an emphasis on innovative and stylish designs, top quality materials, and affordable price points, each ashlyn'd bag is its own little piece of art.

After searching for clutches and evening bags, Los Angeles natives Ashlee Nik, and mom, Denise Lewinstein, felt that there was a lack of unique and affordable options in the market place. We decided to do something about that.

We began by exploring options to make handbags that were entirely unexpected, in both deisgn and materials. The concept of creating clutches that looked like marble, granite, wood, and other natural elements inspired our first collection.

While working with acrylic and wood, we developed a "snow-globe" effect clutch using clear acrylic filled with colored sand that moved around. This concept would lead to a line of “shakers” which feature anything we can fit inside from pearls, to plymer clay sprinkles, to letter beads, and much more.

We try, whenver possible, to add a mirror so our clustomer can easily touch up her makeup and each of our clutches has enough room to fit all of the necessities: any iPhone size (5 through 7+), lipstick, credit card and ID, keys, etc. Our price point has been an important part of our design process as we continually seek to keep the cost affordable, while using only the finest materials and manufacturing all our clutches by hand in Los Angeles, California.

With an emphasis on innovative and stylish designs, top quality materials, and affordable price points, each ashlyn'd bag is a little piece of art.

The ashlyn'd leaderhsip team consists of Ashlee Nik, CEO and Designer, Denise Lewinstein, Ashlee’s mom and our COO, and childhood bestie, Charlotte Anheier, President, Sales & Marketing.